Is it really Wednesday


You can always tell when I’m consumed by writing. I forget to blog. LOL. It seems like every waking moment is tied up in this new story I’m working on. And the truth is, as soon as I’m done, I’ll be jumping into another one. I’m in one of my creative binge periods. Where the ideas slam so fast through my brain there are days when I feel like I have at least 20 more years of writing material. ;-)

People always ask how I do it all with the TV and film review columns, raising kids, writing books and running a successful writer’s workshop. The truth is, when I’m in this writing mode it’s easy for other things to fall through the cracks. My husband’s birthday was yesterday, and I’m thankful he never wants much. A roast, mashed potatoes and a chocolate cake and he’s a pretty happy guy.

My youngest turns 18 tomorrow. Do we have a party planned? No. We’d talked a few weeks ago about doing something special, but he’s busy with school and I sort of let things lag. On his way out the door this morning I asked again. “I don’t know mom, maybe next week.” LOL. The story of our lives. Maybe next week.

Sometimes I worry that we’re all moving so fast that we forget to live life. Then I realize, no, we are living life, just differently than most folks. :-) We do however make time for each other. There will be a moment in the next five days or so when the four of us sit down and have a meal together. We’ll give each other hard time, find out what everyone is doing, and talk about future plans. In addition to everything he has going on at school, the youngest has to make a decision about college. It’s not as simple as we thought it would be a few months ago. Many times discussing these things as a family helps to make the path a little clearer.

So this is my long way of saying, I’m so grateful for my kids and husband. They drive me absolutely insane at times, but I wouldn’t want this life without them.

How about you? Do you have family traditions? Game night once a week? Sit down meals? Any ideas on a fun birthday for an 18 year old? LOL


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  1. Yup

    It’s really wednesday!!!

    No solid traditions but we do try and cook together a few times a week. Their wives will thank me someday!!!

    Tonight we have a track meet AND i Promised #1 son we’d go to the Y for a bit AND I promised him black beans and rice for dinner so a trip to the grocery store is in order AND at some point, I’ve got to get my 5 pages in!

  2. Movie Night

    We call it “Movie Night,” but it’s just family activity night. We watch a video, go bowling, play a board game–something we plan together and don’t have to meet somebody else’s schedule. Lately for Movie Night we’ve been watching Gilmore Girls episodes. If you aren’t familiar with the show, a running joke is how much junk food the Girls eat, and that they lay out a real smorgasbord for their movie nights.

    Thus was born Junk Food Movie Night. On the next shopping trip, I prompted the kids to pick out snacks for our own smorgasbord. For the rest of the week, they policed the kitchen to make sure no one broke into the stockpile early. While we put together the table, both kids got out yogurt and crackers: “We don’t want to totally fill up on junk food,” they told me. (Yay! I’ve succeeded as a parent!!)

    It was so much fun to watch them organize and engage it (this was also lucky because the movie was terrible ;). I set the stage, but then the kids collaborated on the rules. Kids don’t get many chances to be in charge, and that’s what gift I would give to an 18-year-old: a low-stakes, positive-feedback chance to test his theories.

  3. We’re pretty random but that’s because I’m random. There’s no real routine to it. Lately we’ve been playing boggle. My son and husband are going camping with Boy Scouts, and my daughter and I have started watching Buffy on hulu together. :-D


  4. What about cooking dinner of anything he wants, he gets to pick a movie and then you all play some kind of fun, silly game together (which, of course, you would let him win). Maybe make a video (if you have a camera that does that) of bits of the evening, since it could be the last birthday at home. and don’t forget the silly hats :-)

  5. Blog party idea

    Have a 1940’s party or any year, you’d like — can play and dance to the music of the year, along with decorations. If you want it more fancy tell the kids to wear 1940’s clothes which they can find out via the movies or via the Internet.

    You could, also, have a formal dinner with all of the trimming — something most kids have never had — good way to remind them before the party of how to behave and their table manners — good for the future when they are being interviewed and a meal is a party of the interview process.

    For me the best party, I was ever at as a teenager was a beach party at the river — hot dogs, hamburgers, wading in the creek for those of us who couldn’t swim — some of us wore shorts, others brought their swim wear or wore them.
    Donna Werhan

  6. We don’t have a set family night, but manage to spend most nights together. As for your son, sorry, no clue! *G*

  7. birthday

    Golly is it here already!?! Which school and by when does he have to choose? I was going to email and ask you. Oh, I just got back from China and saw a different opera this time. I have mroe postcards and a set of masks for the soon to be man.

    Let’s see 18=draft card. Register to vote. 18 is not really anything any more. Do not nag him or ask him to do anything non-immediate life threatening for the whole day. Or week. I am not sure you can make it cousin :-) Buy him donuts. Kiss your husband and thank him for your family. Kiss grandma, too. and your mom and dad. Ask your other son b/c maybe he knows. I would make him fudge if it was not raining here and Stephen’s dad were not in and out of the hospital (currently in).

    I would say spend time, except as you note, time is precious, and you all do in fact spend moments. Plus, good to get this through (1) because it is good and (2) if you feel like you are nto writing 24-7 when and if you really take a vacation, maybe you will nto feel guilty. First time like htat for me was surreal, then scary, but now I know it will all rebound and we need rejuvination.

    Like me now, and I am hitting some sleep I hope. Still take care of him, but leave him be for a day; see if it scares him :-)

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