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Gena Showalter gives me a tough time when I call myself a dork, but sometimes I just am. I realized tonight thru a strange sort of circumstances that the uber famous Ruth Ryan Langan hugged me at Nora Roberts party and I didn’t even realize who she was. Argh! I’d seen her off and on throughout the week with Nora but just never made the connection. I thought she was a friend, she is, and she’s just gorgeous. At the party she said, “So glad you could make it tonight” when she hugged me. And I was like, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Sigh. Maybe it’s better I didn’t know so that I didn’t gush. ;-)

I’m in my office! I have concrete floors and the same old furniture. But I’m back at my desktop and off the couch so I’m happy. The hubby and I went shopping for a new office suite. We found some things, but nothing that said BUY ME. Well, there was one set but it said buy me if you’re Bill Gates. I’m not so I’ll continue shopping.

What have you guys been doing this weekend?

I guess you want to know the winners of the free books… Drumroll…

Cassy you need to email me at

Kryianna you need to email me at

Now, if you didn’t win, no worries. I have lots o’ books to give away this month and they aren’t all mine. :-)

Let me know what you did this weekend!


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  1. It’s been a busy weekend. A friend of mine started teaching a kic boxing class,so I went and tried it yesturday. It was fun,but today everything hurts. I took my oldest to her acting class today and spent four hours roaming the mall. I did go into Nordstrom and got a make over. I had met the make up artist a few months ago, it was nice to chat with her.My husband has his baseball play offs this weekend,he played yesturday and today. We’ll all go to his game tomorrow, the night time games are nice.(cooler weather :D )

    I’m reading Archeron by Sherrilyn Kenyon, my tear duct are working over time.

    Congrats Cassy and Kryianna!

    Hugs, Danette

  2. I worked in the garden. We have finally harvest with the exception of 2 little ‘ol tomato plants that are still going, one pepper plant, and an egg plant that I still have no idea why it got planted.

    Cleaned! I wish I could say that I did something more interesting, but that was the bulk of it for me. I have been neglecting my housework too much lately, just doing enough to get by, so I did the heavy duty stuff this weekend – baseboards and all. All with the Olympics entertaining me in the background.

    When it wasn’t the Olympics and cleaning, it was last minute stuff to send kiddo off to first day of school this morning. Well, first day back to school, 9th grade this year. Kiddo is autistic and school has been a major fight for most of those years, though, so it is still quite a production.

    Finally, late last night trying to do some unwinding to sleep I logged in some of the more recent books that I have read into my Goodreads account (are you on there?) and started a new book – Bobbie Faye’s (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels. It’s funny as heck so far, just like her first. I finally got to sleep somewhere around 3 before having to get up around 5:30.

    I live such an uninteresting life.

    (Edit – Added the name of the book)

  3. I did some running this weekend, to train for the marathon. Watched a movie with a friend and cousin of mine… and spent the rest of the weekend cleaning… fun times, lol

    Congratulations to Cassy and Kryianna :)


  4. I walked at Relay to Life on Saturday and got sunburned on my front.

    On Sunday I went to a cosplay picnic that my husband organized. Cosplay,in case you don’t know, is when anime fans get dressed up as their favorite characters. I went as me, because I just wanted to support my husband’s efforts.

  5. Congratz Cassy and Kryianna
    I have been reading some books by Gena Showalter, trying to make the perfect cinnamon buns, and watching chick flicks with my sisiter… fun times..
    xoxo- amoonzi

  6. Stephen and I rounded out this year’s Joint Statistical Meetings. Speeking of dorkdom….But what was cool is after that week of work we went to Colorado Springs so I could see a friend. A friend: we worked on science fair together before she moved to CO….back to that word, what was it, ?dork? Did I mention the ‘Cutie [pi symbol]’ onsie I bought for her new baby? ANYWAY, Stephen and I get up Sunday, later than I had planned, and go back to Garden of the Gods. And we are not happy with our path so we take another…and this, and that. Suddenly I see an older gentleman….it is the guy who retired a while back, he used to be in the office next to me, a taiji master, gentle wise soul, and he lives in Houston now. Only person I ever heard describe hometown as paradise. His daughter is moving from CA to MA and he was long and they decided to stop for a walk. We had a good chat. I asked for his wisdom and he told me I was now wiser than he. This is incredibly humbling and scary.

    And then my husband reminded me I never introduced him. I swear I thought I had. So I need to work on this balance wisdom work.

    But I still feel at such peace, having met Shan in the middle of such a lovely place. You never know where we may go.

    Sometimes, life is a series of fortuitous events.

  7. Hi! I just finished “The Gargoyle” by Andrew Davidson – I can’t recommend it enough!
    And I loved Fringe. We tivo’d it, since we were out of town when it originally aired. My hubby and I watched both episodes in a row last night, and I think this will be one of my favorites this season.

  8. Woot!

    This is my very first experience with a blog, I hope it doesn’t mess with your stuff. I just wanted to say that I just read Like A Charm and I am now a BIG fan of yours! Right now,I’m reading The Girlfriends’ Guide To Toddlers; it is hilarious. I have a toddler and totally relate; but, even if you don’t it’s still a funny book. I personally like Scrubs, Ghost Whisper, Fringe. I want to see M Own Worst Enemy but I forgot it was on. Oh, I really liked Heroes, but, I’m not on my “T.V.-Game” this season and have missed all of the season openers, well, except for Fringe and that was really good.

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