Press Tour Day Eleven


I almost forgot to write tonight. I’m in the middle of a creative boon. My brain is working over time. So many ideas, so little time. :-) Anyhoo… It was a full day with CBS and Showtime. Nina Tassler, the president of CBS, began the day. She talked about all the shows and “Moonlight” came up several times. She say she’s still getting mail but she thinks it has to do more with the actors on that show rather than the actual show. I’m fairly certain she’s wrong. People loved that show.

Katie Couric and the gang talked about the upcoming democratic and republican conventions. Some of the reporters gave her hard time about ratings, but I give her credit. She held her own and never faltered. Then came the gang from Worst Week. Parts of that show are so funny I laughed out loud, but it needs work. Kurtwood Smith is the father in law in that one, and it’s worth it just to watch him. Simon Baker was here for the Mentalist. It’s an interesting show and he’s such a cutie. He used to cop an attitude, but he seems a bit more even keel these days. Maturity will do that for a person. Talk about good looking, Rufus Sewell (love that accent) was here for The Eleventh Hour. Haven’t seen a full pilot yet, but it looks interesting. You know me and anything to do with science. They say they are different because they deal in science fact not fiction. Could be worth checking out. Elizabeth (she played crazy girl Ava on Greys Anatomy) is the star of the new show The Ex List. It’s clever and cute, and they get a way with a lot. It’s a very unCBS show. I don’t know if it’ll last.

Showtime had a big panel with David Duchovny, Mary Louise Parker and Michael C. Hall, along with other producers. Those guys are always good for a laugh.

Tomorrow is the CW and tomorrow night the TCA awards. If you haven’t heard the CW is doing a new version of Beverly Hills 90210, and several old cast members are returning. (Was the first one so good that we needed another version?) Ooops. Sorry. I didn’t hate the old show, just never could get into it.

What are you guys doing this weekend? I just told my husband to get rid of all of the furniture in my office. I want to start fresh. I’m such a crazy girl.


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  1. We went to Baltimore for a show and spent the night. Were going to stay the weekend but a week ago a birthday party (for a 35, 5, and 1 year old all born within 3 days of each other) was announced so we cut our visit short. Came home….to a message the party was canceled.

    Oh well. We could have stayed. But it is horribly hot out.

  2. The Eleventh Hour is one BBC remake I’ll watch. The mini series with Patrick Stewart was good, but I kept hoping for more. Maybe we’ll get more with the American version. Besides, Rufus Sewell is lovely to look at. :)

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