Day Nine (Press Tour)


What a crazy day. Much better than yesterday but very busy. The day began with an exec session with ABC Prez of Ent. Kevin McPhereson. Then Johnny Miller and Victor Garber were up with the rest of the cast and execs of “Eli Stone.” I LOVE THAT SHOW. If you haven’t watched, you should. SPOILER Alert. Eli will continue to have visions. Whoop! :-)

Little cutie patootie Julianne Hough sang at lunch for us from her new album in honor of the CMA’s coming to ABC. She was great. Then we did the Life With Mars session. They haven’t shot the pilot yet but Jason O’Mara (Gotta love that Irish accent mmmmm) and Michael Imperioli were here to talk about it along with the execs. If you’re a fan of the BBC versions, they’re going to try and stay with that same 1973 sensibility. We’ll see.

Funny stuff. I mean I laughed hard at the cast of Scrubs. Yes, it’s moving to ABC. Probably in 2009. OMG, Bill Lawrence, the executive producer of that show, never fails to make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. He didn’t disappoint. I laughed through the whole hours and I NEEDED that. :-)

Up next was cutie Ashton Kutcher with his new series Opportunity Knocks. It’s a game show they take to peoples homes/neighborhoods. Could be fun.

The party tonight was a Dancing with the Stars theme and about nine of the professional dancers were here. I can’t spell most of their names, except for Derek, Julianne’s brother, who is way too pretty to be boy. What a gorgeous guy. They gave dance lessons, but I ran away right after dinner so I could watch So You Think You Can Dance. That show just makes me feel good.

So what are you guys doing? Any questions?


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Bestselling author Candace Havens has written six novels for Berkley including, Charmed & Dangerous, Charmed & Ready, Charmed & Deadly, Like A Charm, The Demon King and I and Dragons Prefer Blondes. Her new venture is writing for the Blaze line of Harlequin. Those books include Take Me If You Dare, She Who Dares, Wins, Truth and Dare, and The Model Marine. She is also in the anthology Spirited, and the proceeds go to help literacy. Her books have received nominations for the RITA's, Holt Medallion and Write Touch Reader Awards. She is the author of the biography Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy and a contributor to several anthologies. She is also one of the nation's leading entertainment journalists and has interviewed countless celebrities including Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and many more. Her entertainment columns can be read in more than 600 newspapers across the country. Candace also runs a free online writing workshop for more than 1800 writers, and teaches comprehensive writing class. She does film reviews with the Dorsey Gang on New Country 96.3, and is the President of the Television Critics Association.

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  1. I love Eli Stone. I’m so glad it’ll be back next season.

    Love Julianne Hough too. And you’re right her brother is way too pretty. *g*

    Having seen the BBC version of Life on Mars I really don’t have any desire to see the American version. Once around that block was enough for me. *g*

  2. Should have cut the rug, cousin! But I can understand the appeal of the other show. I am preparing for the Nordstrom anniversary sale tomorrow. Although Tyson’s is under renovations and I now have double booked meetings noon to two. I took the day off to the shop! not listen to people in meetings. Also Stephen wants to head to Baltimore for a show. Carbon Leaf. So up early to shop, then to work, then home to pack/leave for B’more.

    Questions: What is Ted Koppel (sp) doing? He has great documentary work and I miss him on Nightline. Also, how is Tiki Barber? I graduated UVA the same year as he did. My friend in the Comm School with him thought he was great as a non football person and I wonder how that has continued. I also am intrigued by his CAM interests, but that is work related for me I guess. The story of he, his brother, and mom (and VA Tech) is pretty cool.

    House updates, please. Anything else like When We Left Earth planned? Will CBS figure out a way to broadcast even more NCAA March Madness games (coverage has improved tremendously over the years, though)? Why does ESPN show so many non-sports? (I define sports as a steriod has to be capable of helping win. Steroids could not help then it is not a sport.) I dislike reruns of poker when college basketball could be shown live.

    If I only bother to see (in a therater) one movie this year what should it be?

    • I think Tiki is here tomorrow. Ted has been doing lots of docu and news shows for Discovery. CBS and NBC are up next. LOL on the movie. I loved Wanted. Favorite movie of the year. But I don’t think it’s your sort of thing. :-)

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