Candy’s a Bad Girl… Woot!


I finally did a little Christmas shopping last night. I bought about six of the 40 gifts needed, and once again managed to spend some one myself. My friend Shannon, who put me to shame when it came to shopping, said I shouldn’t feel guilty because it was like buying supplies. I was out of perfume so had to pick up a big refill bottle of Angel from Nordstroms. And at Bath and Body Works, well, they were almost out of my favorite Twisted Peppermint, so I had to pick some up. ;-) And I threw in some slippers and slippers sock, cuz it said they were the “world’s softest” ones, and they were on sale.

After the shopping spree I hung out with my mom up at the hospital. She’s doing so much better. I taught her how to crochet a scarf, um not an easy thing to do while wearing gloves and a mask let me tell you. I’m not that great with the crocheting thing, but I know enough to make a scarf and a hat. She was very pleased with herself.

Oh the big news… Drum roll please… I finished the revisions on Zombies. I have notes back from friends who have already read it, so I’ll be making those changes and then I’ll be DONE. Woot! Raising the hands and doing the happy dance.

Okay… So I did this really wicked thing… I didn’t mean too I swear. Shannon had told me about this cool little Tiffany jewelry case that was in the catalog last night. Came home to find it, but it wasn’t in mine. I left it in the Bathroom, cuz that’s were you look at catalogs, and I hear my husband gasping this morning. Funny. He’s saying things like, “You’ve got to be kidding.” “Oh My God.” “No Way.” I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe cuz I can’t figure out what he’s doing. Turns out he’s looking at the Tiffany catalog thinking that I’m trying to hint for my Christmas present. Ha! But this is what I’m thinking… When he does finally ask me what I want, and he will about two days before Christmas, when I say “Puppy” (See pics below) it might be a relief that I didn’t say “Diamonds.” ;-0

Do you guys think it will work?

What are you doing this week?

Bought any fun Christmas presents? I found this cool site where you can buy trees/seedlings from historic places. I bought Steve a Magnolia from Graceland (He loves Elvis) and an Oak from Abraham Lincoln’s place. (Don’t tell Steve about his gifts.) :-)


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  1. I’ve bought one present so far and that is my mom’s family ring. I really need to get a move on!
    Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year!

  2. Angel!!

    That is my signature scent! I picked up Angel Rose in VA last year and really like it. I have to drive about 50 miles to refill because my local dept. stores out here are crap.

    This week I am frantically working on schoolwork with my son that I homeschool to get ready to meet with his teacher. This weekend we are bottling mead. :) Wassail!!

  3. I got a coupon to BBW right after I bought a present there. Trying to decide if there is anything else I should get b/c it runs out, oops maybe Sunday!

    What am I doing this week? Coming to see you all! and Then heading to Alaska to freeze!

    chick fil a calendars, cute clothes and boots for my niece and nephew, lite up knitting meedles!

  4. Xmas presents

    I went Christmas shopping on Wednesday night with my friend. We had a blast! We first went to the dollar store. I have a neighbor who has 4 little kids. The oldest is 8 years old. I bought them the usual stuff but then I spied some fun things! I bought the 8 year old a toy “fart” bag. The kind you stick on a chair and you sit on it to make the rude noise. Also, they had a toy where you squeeze it and it makes a rude noise. He will probably get a kick out of those! I gave him a plastic spider one Halloween and he loved it!

    Michele L.

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