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CBS just sent two episodes of “Moonlight.” That’s the one with the vampire detective. They only had a presentation to show us out in L.A. last summer, and when that happens usually the show isn’t that great. But I liked it. For those of us who read a lot of paranormals, there isn’t much new, but Alex O’Loughlin is a rockin’ hero. They’ve also cast Kevin Weisman in a supporting role. You remember him as Marshall from “Alias.” I love that guy.

Paranormal themes are big this year with “The Reaper” (CW), that’s the one where the guy’s parents sell his soul to the devil. The pilot is directed by Kevin Smith (“Clerks”) and it’s a hoot. I also liked “Bionic Woman,” “Chuck” and “Journeyman” all of which are on NBC. Chuck isn’t so much paranormal/sci-fi as it is spy caper, but it’s fun. I think “Pushing Daisies” and “Bionic Woman” would be my top two favorites.

I’m trying to think of some of the others new season shows you might want to check out… There are so many. Oh, “Women’s Murder Club” based on the James Patterson books, is a good one. I’m not much on cop dramas, but this is one I’ll continue to follow. Oh, and the cop drama “Life.” Very different and I liked it. I guess I have to stop saying I’m not much on cop dramas. I have a feeling my guilty pleasure this year is going to be Gossip Girls on the CW. It premieres tomorrow night. And as for comedies I liked The Big Bang Theory, which I saw one guy call drive, but dude, Jim Parson’s is in his tightie whities in the first episode. How bad can it be? It made me laugh.

I’m a Grey’s Anatomy fan, and I wondered what would happen with Private Practice. The first 20 minutes or so I was like, eh, but then it was wicked good after that. It was like everyone figured out what they were supposed to be doing. And as much as I hate to admit it I’ll be checking out the second episode of Big Shots, if nothing else for the eye candy. That’s the one with Michael Vartan, Dylan McDermott, Josh Malina and Chris Titus. I just saw that Paul Blackthorne (former Harry Dresden) has joined the show. So the eye candy factor just shot through the roof.

Okay… There’s lots more but this is getting really long. I didn’t lie when I said I’d have to get another HD DVR to keep up with all this. ;-)

Tell me what you want to check out this fall…


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  1. I’ve already seen the pilots of “Chuck” and “Life” and loved them both. Chuck is too adorable and Detective Crew… there are no words. A zen-sprouting detective! Who eats a lot of fruit! I love it!

    And I pretty much can’t wait to see all the ones you listed: Moonlight, Big Shots, Pushing Dasies, Reaper and Bionic Woman. Not to mention the season premieres of Heroes, House, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty. I watch too much TV for a college student LOL

  2. Oh, golly, there are lots I want to check out. Not all of them will stay on my “must watch” list, I’m sure, but I daresay the first few weeks are going to be chaotic for me. *g*

  3. I am looking forward to Pushing up Daisies, Moonlight and Private Practice…I may have to check out Reaper though because of Kevin Smith, I love his work most of the time…Journeyman reminds me of the Time Traveler’s Wife, so I may check that out as well…too much TV, not enough time…

  4. I’m looking forward to Moonlight(I love vamps), Chuck( My DH is a geek named Chuck,it’ll just be funny to me) and Pushing Daisies( I read a book called You Had Me At Halo by Amanda Ashby about an newly dead girl gets kicked put back on earth in a mans body to figure out why she died and then seen the preview for PD and thought about the book)

    Hugs, Danette

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