Yea! It’s Friday!


Note to Self and Warning to Others: When one has had a stomach virus for three days do not eat sausage taquitos on fourth day, NO MATTER HOW HUNGRY you are. ;-) I know, I know. Total igmo head. Enough of that.

My cousin has made it to Antarctica this morning. He was on land yesterday and saw a big fur seal and lots of penguins. This trip is something he’s wanted to do his whole life (He’s 20) so it’s incredibly exciting for him. He says they were in a place where the ozone hole is at it’s worst and that even with an SPF of 70 he was red faced. He says there is so much ice everywhere and it’s more spectacular than he could have ever imagined. The ship is breaking thru the ice, which is kind of blue, and he says it sounds like a car dragging a bumper along on a street. He saw two leopard seals hanging out and more penguins this morning just hanging out diving along in front of the ship. He says the place was like an alien planet. They are heading for the Firth of Tay to take more samples. If you want to see the ship he’s on check it out at

Can you tell I’m really excited for him. I love it when people get to live their dreams.

I have two very silly questions that come from watching television with my oldest yesterday…

1. What is your favorite animal? (It’s boring but I’m a tiger fan. Don’t care what kind, they are beautiful.)

2. What is your dream car? (I’m driving mine, Mustang, but I wouldn’t mind a Viper.)


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  1. My favorite animal… hmm. I am rather fond of tigers, jaguars, and leopards. Not cheetahs, though, which is kind of odd when you think about it.

    My dream car? Oh so many to choose from! The Viper is nice. Then there’s the BMW Z3 Roadster. Of course, if it’s expensive and Italian, I’ll probably love it. I have VERY expensive taste. :)

  2. How cool that he is working on the NSF Polar Studies ship. Is he working on a grant project or serving as a researcher for his college or major? I think that almost everything to do with the National Science Foundation is fascinating.

    Favorite animal? I adore the panda. They are so fragile and striving to make a comeback from extinction. Besides, they just look so darn cuddly.

    Dream car? A Toyota Highlander Hybrid. I’d like one of Lexus’ that can parallel park themselves too. But waaayyyy out of my price range.

  3. I can’t connect to the site to see the ship. :(

    My favorite animal is, simply, the dog. I love dogs, all kinds. Pugs, bulldogs, sheepdogs, St. Bernards, chihuahuas, you name it. I love all animals, though. Manatees are cool; panthers, jaguars and other big cats; wolves; pandas; hamsters; ferrets; domestic cats; and many more. Do arachnids count? I love big, furry spiders, and little, furry ones, too. How about fish? Whoa! I just looked up this one fish I couldn’t remember the name of, so I could tell you the name of one of my favorite fishes, but this isn’t it–check out the “tiger fish.” EEK! I meant fish like this are really beautiful. I thought there was a fish with “tiger” in its name that looked something like that, but I couldn’t find it.

    Anyway, dream car…I don’t know much about cars, but I’ve always wanted a Lexus. I would like a Mustang or a Viper, too, but my boyfriend says Mustangs–or maybe it’s Jaguars–are always in the shop. Right now, I’d settle for any car.

    • I just got through to the link. That ship looks so tiny, but I guess anything would, to go through the Antarctic. And your cousin’s so young, but in reading the page, I see that the first American to see Anarctica, Nathaniel B. Palmer, was only 21 himself. I’m amazed and impressed at what he and the rest of the crew are doing. Such important work! And they get to see penguins and seals, which are cute, cool and amazing animals themselves.

  4. YOur cousin is a lucky guy, I wondered what it would be like going through ice since I seen the ship on Happy Feet do it.

    Turtles are my favorite animal, but I’d love to be able to see a dragon.

    My dream car would be a classic 1964 impala: low rider,candy apple red,drop top,uuummmm
    Hugs, Danette

  5. car I will have to think about. Stephen likely has dozens himself.

    Sea Otters. I do adore hte baby panda (not so baby anymore.) they used to measure the one in DC by Tupperware sizes:-)

  6. OH MY GOD

    I finally clicked on the link to the ship that your cousin is travelling on. The first sentence got my attention like nothing else could.

    “In 1992, Edison Chouest Offshore Inc., Galliano, Louisiana, built and delivered a 94-meter research ship with icebreaking capability for use by the U.S. Antarctic Program for 10 years or more.”

    My husband was a long time employee of Edison Chouest. He passed away late in 1992 and may not have actually helped build that particular ship (he left the shipyard because of health reasons, complications of rheumatoid arthritis). I think it is an amazing coincidence

      • Re: OH MY GOD

        Yes, it is wild. My husband worked in the Chouest shipyard as a sandblaster/painter foreman for over ten years before lupus and rheumatoid arthritis prevented him from doing physical work. This like those six degrees of separation things.

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