I woke up thinking today was Friday… ;-) It’s okay though, because I’m feeling much better. I realized after reading your posts about the guilty pleasure, that I watch a lot of those shows too. In fact, I’ve seen more than one episode of all them. One I forgot to mention was “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader” Thursdays on Fox. I am not smarter. Just so you know. :-) Those math problems kill me. You say the words “millimeter” or fraction and I freak out. Though so far, I excel at fifth grade grammar.

Speaking of school, the youngest son’s choirs, both varsity men and mixed, won sweepstakes at UIL yesterday. Very cool. His girlfriend’s varsity girls choir also won sweepstakes, so it was celebrations all around.

My cousin’s ship has made it to land. He says he looked out his window this morning to see ice and snow, it’s more amazing than he could have ever imagined. They are cruising around Maxwell Bay trying to pick a beach to deploy the team that will be camping on King George Island. He’s working as a surfer, which is someone who stands waist deep in 0 celsius water and helps get the people and the supplies on shore safely and dryly.

Then I guess they’ll be moving on to where Kyle’s team is headed. Very cool.

While this trip is a scientific one, I’m curious about something.

Have any of you ever taken a cruise? What did you think? Crazy story: I once stayed on Queen Mary which is docked at Long Beach. I had the most horrific nightmares of my life that night, and the idea of a cruise just scares me to death now.


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  1. Well, the Queen Mary IS supposed to be haunted. *g* Maybe those pesky ghosts were responsible for your nightmares.

    I’ve never been on a cruise. Not sure I want to or not. :)

  2. I wouldn’t like a cruise either! I like wildlife, and staying on a big boat would be like staying in a building! Yuck. Also, I’m a bit afraid of water. It used to be a phobia, but I beat it down. Still, I’ll never be comfortable in water.


  3. I went on a cruise in ’03 and it was the best time ever. I am dying to go back on one. I honestly barely ate for 7 days because I was so busy running around that I didn’t have time to eat. I had so much fun.

  4. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I’m smart enough not to compete with a fifth grader, LOL! But, like you, I think I’d do very well at the grammar questions, but the math–not my best subject.

    Congrats to your youngest and to his girlfriend!

    I wouldn’t enjoy being in the cold, but your cousin must be seeing such beauty! I’m glad there are people like him studying our world.

    I’ve never taken a cruise, unless you count a fourth-grade trip on a ferry boat. That was only a couple of hours, I think, on the Delaware River. That was before panic disorder came into my life. The idea of being on a boat in the middle of nowhere terrifies me, and yet, I love the idea of being on a cruise. Many of the things I fear, I can imagine myself enjoying if it weren’t for the fear. As jacardie said, the Queen Mary is supposed to be haunted. Maybe you wouldn’t have nightmares on another (non-haunted) ship.

  5. Well, of course, you would have nightmares on the QM! it is haunted. I could tell that just by standing next to it. Couldn’t bring myself to actually go aboard, though. I have been on three cruises and I must say those were the best vacations ever. One was in the Carribean, the other Alaska, and the third was the Mexican Riviera. Thoroughly enjoyed them all.

  6. Stephen went on one with his fmaily. They had a good time. No real desire to return, though.

    Me, never and not planning on it. Need more roaming space and the ability to escape if I desire. If I choose ot remain put I want it to be a choice.

    As for the nightmares, be careful in Savannah, too.

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