I have about 10 minutes before Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) calls and thought I’d do a quick post. Thanks for all of your well wishes. I’m still fighting the crud, but better today. (except for this giant knife between my eyeballs). I’m just going to pretend I’m well and maybe it will happen. The power of the mind and all that.

I’ve been working on stories for the final season of The Sopraons and a new show called Notes From the Underbelly. Notes is based on a funny book, and the series isn’t bad. I’m off to see the new Adam Sandler movie later today, it looks like a tear-jerker. I’m kind of glad I’m sniffly maybe the other critics won’t notice I’m crying. :-)

Today’s question is… What is the funniest thing that happened to you in High School? The good kind of funny. I have so many of those kinds of stories it’s hard to pick one. From sneaking out to a jazz club,(one of my friend’s dad was playing) locking my keys in my car and having to call my dad who was more than hour away. He showed up, laughed and then went and watched the band with me. My dad has always been pretty darn cool.

So how about you?


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  1. I helped with this…

    My funny High School story is from my prom night. My best friend in HS was Tad, who was friends with Mark, so we did a lot together. Mark and Tad worked on the campus in a building where the wall was newly built. So Tad worked on one side using an offset printer and a Wang word processor, and Mark worked in the AV room. Mark climbed up a ladder, lifted the ceiling tiles out and hung over the wall with a fire extinguisher, and when Tad was busy printing which makes a lot of noise, and walked under where Mark was waiting, he used the extinguisher on him, scaring the crap out of him. Tad vowed revenge, and elicited my help to do it.
    Tad and I went to prom because we didn’t have a girl or boy friend. Mark had a girl friend, so we made plans to go togehter. The day before, he smuggled a fire extinguisher out of the school and hid it under the front seat of the car, and had me sit there to help hide it. Night of the prom, we are headed to the hall in the car, with Mark and his girlfriend in the back seat. They were going at it hot and heavy. We came to a stop and Tad whipped out the fire extinguisher and had his revenge, hitting them both in mid-snog. Mark’s girlfriend was SO MAD, because it blew her hair around a bit. I could not stop laughing. What a memory for Senior Prom.

    Do I win an ARC?? :)

  2. I’m not sure it’s the funniest thing, but one day, in science class, the teacher was just chatting in general with the class. At one point, he said something to me about my handwriting, and I tried to explain that it was difficult sometimes for me to write, because of the callous on my finger. I displayed the finger to him, and the entire class began laughing. The teacher laughed, too, but I didn’t get it. I asked my friend, Frances, who sat behind me, what everyone was laughing about. She informed me that I had just given the teacher “The Finger”! Oops!

  3. This isn’t so much something funny that happened to me as it is the part I played in it.

    My future brother-in-law (he was a year older), myself, and two other people were in advanced biology together. All semester we had been studying the anatomy of our cat (sorry cat lovers). Toward the end of the year, it was time to clean up the lab, including the… formaldehyde scented remains of our… patient.

    Well, my brother-in-law, being the cut up that he is, decided that we should have some fun with this effort. So, we rigged up a cart with our patient, took vacuum tubing, vacuum tubes, and other lab paraphernalia, including white lab coats, to make it look like a patient on an ambulance cart. We then proceeded to run up and down the halls of the science wing, pushing our patient, and yelling, Code Blue, Emergency, Emergency!

    Good thing the science teachers were tolerant of us honors students and thought it was pretty funny. It was especially funny to see my six foot, skinny (he’s filled out since then) brother in law, running down the hall pushing a cart with a white lab coat on – in cowboy boots. Our teacher laughed too (she was pretty cool) and told us to never do it again… Well, at least we weren’t members of the class that stood in the hall outside her door and mooned her!

    Well, it was this story or telling how I wasn’t warmed up enough before a performance of Grease, and pulled a groin muscle landing in a split. Actually, that wasn’t too funny. I had to be able to do the splits with my other leg extended to the front by the next day! Ah, to be young. I’d never manage those now.

  4. My high school had an open area in the middle called the quadrangle, a narrow area probably only about fourteen feet wide. You could look out the window of your classroom and see what was happening in a classroom across from you. On one memorable day in a boring Civics class, things livened up with a big boom! Straight across from the quandrangle, the windows blew out from…get this…the men’s room! Some prankster had cherry bombed the place. Standing there was vice-principal Troxclair with his pants and underwear around his ankles looking a bit dazed. I will never forget the sight of Mr. Troxclair at that moment…He sorta lost his intimidation factor (for me at least).

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