I’m having one of those weeks, and yes it’s only Tuesday, where the wheels are spinning but I’m not getting where I need to go. :-) I’m working full throttle on the book, it’s just taking longer than planned to do some very specific things. I’ve also been working on stories for the day job about David E. Kelly’s new show “Wedding Bells” on Fox and NBC’s “The Black Donnelly’s.”

I did some reading over the weekend. A lot was for research, but Sunday afternoon I needed a break and read the YA Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I wasn’t sure those first couple of pages, but by the end of the first chapter I was hooked. Great book.

As I’ve been doing research for the new book I’ve discovered something, I’m a huge Oscar Wilde fan. And I’ve reconfirmed my love of Dickens, Bronte, Shelley and Austen.

So how about you? What long gone authors do you still enjoy?

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  1. Don’t hate me….. But I’m going to have to disagree with the Dickens and Bronte. I know they’re classics and all, but I had to read “Bleak House” last semester and wanted to slit my wrists, I was so bored. And I’m reading “Jane Eyre” for the second time this semester and am podering other sorts of suicide that are less painful than reading that book. Again.
    But to each his own. I know tons of people who love Dickens and Bronte. My boyfriend, being a historian, LOVES “A Tale of Two Cities”. Alas, he is also a NJ Devils fan. (I’m a NY Ranagers fan.) Don’t ask why I’ve been with him for 4 years LOL

    As for myself, I have a deep love for Edgar Allan Poe. Ever since I picked up “The Tell-Tale Heart” way back in 5th grade. Yes, I started reading him when I was 10. I even memorized “The Raven” for fun. I know. Nerd.

    Mark Twain is also a great love of mine, as is Rudyard Kipling.

    Here’s to hoping your week goes better :-) (and don’t hate me for my book hate!!)

    • A Tale of Two Cities is one of my favorite books. As is Jane Eyre. I’m not a huge fan of Bleak House, it’s very long and he got happy with the words in that one, but I love David Copperfield, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, and I could go on and on.

      And I’m totally with you on Poe. I discovered him at a young age too and a tiny piece of The Raven shows up in my current WIP. :-)

      And if I had to read any of these for school, I’d probably hate them all too.
      :-) (Go Rangers!)

      • My very first hockey game ever was 10 years ago at Madison Square Gardens. I’ve been a fan since. :-)

        (Though I also like the Dallas Stars – A Lot!)

        And yes a tiny slice ‘-) of Poe is in Like A Charm, the book I’m working on now.

  2. Does Agatha Christie count? :) I love her really early 1920s books. Come to think of it, there are several early 20th Century mystery writers I enjoy. Mary Roberts Rinehart, S. S. Van Dine, A. A. Milne (he wrote one lone murder mystery which is excellent), Dorothy L. Sayers, Leslie Charteris. And lest you think me a total Philistine *g* I do enjoy Jane Austen, too. :)

  3. Alexander Dumas
    Rafael Sabitini
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    I adore them!

    Do you see a theme there? i love the adventure and high romance.

    Hate Dickens with a passion. I still remember one paragraph where he used the word ‘gray’ about a hundred times. Yuck.

    I can enjoy Jane Austin once in while. Depends on my mood.

  4. You know, I adore the books we had to read for AP/IB English (Bellaire HS had some great reading lists for us; so did Pershing MS). They really were good. You mentioned some great ones. I like Grapes of Wrath, I admit it. Waiting for Godot. Oscar Wilde had a wicked sense of humor. the non-little women Louisa May Alcott books are fab. So many! I should see if I can find those lists again. Even the modern ones, like waiting for godot and hte alchemist. Cantebury tales……

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