Running Away


Hey Gang, it’s been crazy around here the last few days. The short story is… Youngest had to have emergency surgery on his toe (he’s doing fine, no worries, just unexpected and, um, gross)… My editor desperately needed the first 100 pages of Like A Charm, which I just finished the first draft of and didn’t want to send. Of course, I did. I’ve been working as an English tutor for my oldest, and a couple of other kids. Not officially, just helping them out when they need it… Oh and I have a book due in FOUR WEEKS!!!! And I’m going through a series of tests for stupid health stuff… That’s my short story. :-)

Let’s see… I’ll be posting to the Witchychicks blog on blogger tomorrow. I think the topic is things I wish I’d known before the first contract.

Oh, and I have a funny question for you guys today… What kind of weird stuff do you eat? My husband loves this horrible creamed tuna concoction he came up with that makes me queasy every time I smell it. I happen to like butter and sugar sandwiches, which could be why I’m headed to the doc for a nice long blood glucose test this morning! (Honestly I haven’t had a butter and sugar sandwhich in years, but I love them. But I did have a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich two days ago. :-) )

I’m running late. So tell me the crazy stuff you eat!


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Bestselling author Candace Havens has written six novels for Berkley including, Charmed & Dangerous, Charmed & Ready, Charmed & Deadly, Like A Charm, The Demon King and I and Dragons Prefer Blondes. Her new venture is writing for the Blaze line of Harlequin. Those books include Take Me If You Dare, She Who Dares, Wins, Truth and Dare, and The Model Marine. She is also in the anthology Spirited, and the proceeds go to help literacy. Her books have received nominations for the RITA's, Holt Medallion and Write Touch Reader Awards. She is the author of the biography Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy and a contributor to several anthologies. She is also one of the nation's leading entertainment journalists and has interviewed countless celebrities including Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and many more. Her entertainment columns can be read in more than 600 newspapers across the country. Candace also runs a free online writing workshop for more than 1800 writers, and teaches comprehensive writing class. She does film reviews with the Dorsey Gang on New Country 96.3, and is the President of the Television Critics Association.

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  1. weird food

    When I was working two jobs and I was too tired to go to the store because I would have had to walk (no car at the time), I would often just eat butter and olive sandwiches for supper.

    But when I am feeling like a treat and I actually have food in the house, I make a lovely sandwich: a hoagy roll split in half with artichokes on one side and olives on the other, layered with swiss cheese and provolone cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. I wrap it in aluminum foil and bake it in the oven until the bread is toasty and the cheese melted. No meat: I am a vegetarian.

    • Re: weird food

      Also my grandmother used to put peanut butter on her toast with ketchup on it. I actually tried this a couple of times. Tastes better than one would think

  2. Toasting marshmallows in the toaster on chocolate bread? I kinda think that’s not weird though. I mean, it’s like S’mores, right?

    I like butter and honey sandwiches better than butter and sugar.

    Gee, I think I’m pretty Not Weird.

  3. weird food

    I can’t think of anything weird that I eat either but do go overboard on
    the butter. My mom told me I used to eat butter off the stick when I was little.


  4. blood glucose tests

    Been there, done that, and I have now reached the point where I don’t like too much sweet stuff… And if you do have to start on medication, etc. for the blood sugar, you can still eat chocolate. You just can’t eat too much at a time…

    Weird food…I ate my rice with butter and sugar on it for years. Sometimes butter, sugar and gravy (especially Swiss steak gravy with the tomato sauce & onions and bell peppers…it’s really pretty good.) Other than that, I’m pretty normal in what I like… ;)


  5. I really need to get control of my sugar. I worry terribly about getting diabetes, yet I keep giving in to sugar cravings.

    My mom puts salt on some fruits, including oranges and watermelon. When I was a kid, I put salt on watermelon, too, but I quit that. However, she taught me something else that I still like, even though I haven’t had it in a while: I put a slice of Kraft white cheese on each of my pancakes, along with the butter and syrup. People always look at me funny when I tell them this.

  6. I used to eat butter and sugar on bread! Open faced, though. But the thing that I love more than possibly ANYTHING is this Dutch thing: chocolate hagel (means hail… as in solid rain). You take a piece of soft white bread, spread on butter to make it stick, then pour on these Dutch chocolate sprinkles. It’s creamy and chocolately and just a slice of heaven. They’re not like American chololate sprinkles,which are mostly wax (serious, that’s why I don’t eat American chocolate… except Ghirardeli, which is make like European chocolate).

    My mother in law eats peanut butter, maynaise and sweet pickle sandwiches (on toast). The toast is important. Maggie’s mom eats one in HELL WEEK, but it’s special circumstances. :-)

    • Oh my God! My Dutch neighbor across the street when I was a kid would take a chocolate hagel to school in her lunch. At the time, I thought it was pretty weird. Now I know it’s just a weird Dutch thing.

      Thanks for clearing that up, Rosemary!

      However, this post makes me realize I like nothing weird — food wise. How boring. I just could never get with my mom’s liverwurst sandwiches with mustard and chips squished between white bread. And to this day, I despise white bread. And mayo. And liverwurst. Mustard’s OK.


  7. dang woman! I get caught up in work and science fair and find out my family is falling apart! Stephen has his annual exam rescheduled for this week and I always worry about them. Good luck to you, I might have a cookbook if you want it, and I hope the toe is doing well.

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