Hey Gang,
So many fun things today. The highlight was getting to spin the big wheel from the Price is Right. I know you won’t believe me but I hit 100 the first time. Two people went before me, so technically I so would have been in the showcase showdown. Bob Barker was here talking about his retirement from the biz. He’s a funny old guy and still sharp.

Let’s see… The gang from Criminal Minds was here and Jericho. Don’t ya’ll think Skeet Ulrich is kind of cute? In a bad boy kind of way? There’s a new show, Rules of Engagement with David Spade. I don’t know what got into me, but I actually told the publicist what I thought about the show. Argh! Brain lapse. It’s not bad, just kind of uneven. It did make me laugh a few times. I’m going to give it another shot before making a final decision. It’s so funny, and I know one of the publicists reads my blog (Shout out to K. from NCIS) :-) But I had just been complaining, in my head, that the CBS publicists as a whole aren’t very nice. There are about four of them who make an effort to be friendly and the rest not so much. I want to go up and shout MY STUFF GOES TO 250 NEWSPAPERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY 20 MILLION PEOPLE (NOT COUNTING THE ONLINE FOLKS) READ MY COLUMNS EVERY WEEK!!!! But I just think evil thoughts instead. Anyway, so what happens at lunch? Three of them come to sit with me, including the lovely K. :-) And we have a delightful time. So I’ve decided the evil CBS publicists who give me mean looks are probably fewer than I actually think.

I haven’t been to the party yet. I’m headed that way in a bit. I did promise to tell you guys more about the set visits, K. the publicist for NCIS reminded me earlier today, and I will. I just have to be careful because Chris, my boss pays for me to be out here and I don’t want to write anything here, that might end up in a story. Speaking of which… Last night before the NBC party, I saw Milo V (Heroes) at the NBC store counter asking, very sweetly, if he could have a Heroes hat. I thought that was so cute. He was actually really excited because they gave him a t-shirt too. How cute is that? Okay, not as cute as Santiago with his accent, but cute just the same…

The L.A. girls, Jax and Debra, are coming over to party tonight and Debra says she’s bringing a cover model friend. I think she said he’s been on RT covers. Anyway, I love hanging out with those guys and can’t wait till they get here. And I’m betting the cover model is gorgeous with capital G. :-)


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      If you have any input into what you write and get published, please, more Skeet Ulrich stuff. He is awesome. Instyle magazine did an article about him and he is GORGEOUS and smart and so down-to-earth. I’ve loved him since Miracles as well, and he was tremendous in The Magic of Ordinary Days. Get them. Watch them. Love him. (did you get to see him in person? If you did, I hate you in a jealsous envious kinda way.)

      here’s the link to the instyle article:

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